Operational Solutions

AVS World’s integrated end-to-end Operations Support include information diffusion, scrutiny and approval of documents, telephone and e-mail support, fee collection and remittance, data reconciliation and appointment scheduling to delivery of passports to citizens in a timely mode. These integrated Operations Solutions will directly benefit our clients in eliminating the gaps and reducing the costs. In conjunction with the various end to end operations solution, we endorse our proficiency to include end-to-end ‘Biometric Enrolment’ solutions and services, which comprise the infrastructure supporting data capture and systems integration. Below is a detailed explanation of each of our service portfolio –

Visa/Passport Application Processing with Bio-Metric Solution

Visa and Passport application processing services is an end-to-end arrangement. This arrangement has developed into a consistent procedure which incorporates data diffusion, automated application and appointment frameworks help lines, collection and settlement of fees, biometric enrolment, and convenient value added services to improve the applicant’s experience.

Our Biometrics Enrolment solutions offer:
  • Finger, facial, double iris and signature capture
  • Portability to suit operational requirements
  • Compliance to all applicable international standards
  • End-to-end biometric arrangements and system framework integration
  • Easy and convenient access to enrolment hubs/centres
  • Solutions incorporating innovation, individuals and procedures
  • Identity checking and validation abilities
Information Propagation
  • Circulation of information through printed matter, media, web and call centers
  • Distribution of application forms and printed material at assigned Visa Application Centers, for each Mission
  • A committed site for each diplomatic mission; with all significant information process for the applicants, including downloadable forms and checklists
  • Providing customized information and guidance to applicants
  • Responding to enquiries by phone, post and email
  • Informing and educating travel industry partners like agents and airlines
  • Website enabling online application and tracking of the progress, payment facilitates and modes
We host a dedicated website for representing of every client government with all information and details are given according to the directives approved by the diplomatic mission. These websites draw out the local requirements of application requirements and give the links to the mission we serve and also other related information.

Checking and Acceptance of Documents
  • Accept applications over the counter, after evaluating them for fulfillment and validity, taking into account checklist supplied by the diplomatic Missions
  • Checklists to be validated by applicant and staff before acceptance
  • Accept passports and supporting documents after required pre-scrutiny
  • Advice candidates whose applications which require further documentation and are invalid for any reason
  • As a policy, we could never dismiss an application from an applicant who demands continuing regardless of being cautioned that the application is invalid as per checklist; in such a circumstance, we would clarify in the checklist with a comment that the applicant has chosen to continue in spite of being made mindful that his application is invalid according to the checklist.
  • Impartial acceptance of application
Customer Care
  • Application information services through Toll Free Numbers
  • Help desk service at centers
  • Call Centers offering standard service levels, product offering, and operation windows across all areas
  • Standardized email responses
Collection and Remittance of Fees
  • All relevant payment related information are updated on website
  • Payment confirmation method to maintain a strategic distance from extortion
  • Real time database updates on fee collection
  • Ability to have real-time database updates on fee collection
  • Multiple modes of fee collection - online, banking instruments, EFT, cash, cards, etc.
  • Facility to transfer fees within 24 hours of collection to the Mission.
Database Creation

Our state of the art technology is capable of capturing text and photo, image data, for transferring into the frameworks of diplomatic missions. The data is encrypted for security purposes and uploaded via online file transfer, or via CD/DVD.

Data Appeasement
  • It is a standard working strategy for us to clump applications according to the rules of our customer governments. All submissions are monitored carefully to ensure consistency in meeting timeliness.
  • As an arrangement, all staff individuals are prepared to multitask. This empowers us to occasionally pivot the staff amongst different capacities. Such turn guarantees that no employee builds up a personal stake in any position.
  • All transactions are carried out by a minimum of two persons with an electronic/paper trail of information, handover and takeover. This guarantees that there can be no fake insertion or removal of papers, nor any information capture with any intent of fraud.
  • Physical and electronic entries of applications for every day are checked to guarantee 100% reconciliation of funds and applications.
Submission to the Mission

AVS synchronises the submission of applications with the Mission requirements to facilitate scrutiny process. All applications are sorted and listed by the given criteria, for example, visa category, priority case, previous refusal, and so on. They are then submitted in lots, at appointed times.

Appointment Scheduling
    AVS offers the following services pertaining to Appointment Scheduling:
  • Consular module
  • Applicant interface
  • Facility to timetable emergency appointment slots
  • Mechanism to schedule emergency appointment slots
  • One-to-one match of candidate to appointment
  • Management Information System for providing reports to consulates on appointments and information

Candidates called for an interview can plan an arrangement, either by calling our call centers or by sending us an email. Our Appointment Scheduling System can be customized to suit the mission’s requirements by parameters of date, time-range and visa category. It gives complete adaptability to the visa area. The framework controls duplicate appointments, by guaranteeing that no candidate is permitted to book multiple appointments, utilizing the same name and passport number.

Our system allows an applicant to:

  • Decide initial allocation of interview slots
  • Subsequently, adjust allocations to take into account contingencies
  • Allocate slots by visa class
  • Allocate slots by Application Centre
  • Assign utilized slots to a particular queue
Return Delivery of Passports

AVSworld offers the following services relating to Return Delivery of Passport services:

  • Partner with trusted local couriers
  • Proven barcode techniques
  • Multiple points of delivery
  • Ability to track status of document delivery
  • Hub-and-spoke model for widespread service delivery
  • Ability to deliver documents without risk of loss

All applications are logged onto our electronic tracking system immediately after acceptance at an Application Centre, by assigning a barcode to each passport. The movement of the passport and related documents are tracked by barcode scans at each step of the process (i.e. counter to back office, back office to Operations Hub, Operations Hub to visa section, and so on).

The physical movement of documents is governed by the following norms:

  • All documents are transported in locked containers: either metal boxes or reinforced fabric bags.
  • An overnight storage in our premises is done in fireproof safes. Our offices, where overnight storage takes place, are secured with alarms, intrusion detectors and closed-circuit TV cameras.
  • All handovers and takeovers are based on barcode out-scan/in-scan and written handover/takeover logs

Processed applications are collected from the visa sections, at specified and agreed timings. These processed applications are accepted only in sealed return envelopes, provided by AVS world. This ensures confidentiality of the data. Return envelopes can be gathered from the Application Center where the application was submitted. As an alternative, a candidate can likewise get the envelope conveyed by dispatch, for a supplementary charge.

In a few regions, AVS has the facility to operate a same-day service for priority category of candidates. The qualifying candidates, who present their application before cut-off time, will have their records submitted to the visa segment, in a separate priority-lot. The visa segment forms these applications on a need basis and hands them to AVS, the same afternoon. AVS guarantees that these applications are ready for collection, the same evening.

Online web-based system

Our online framework is accessible 24 hours giving status on the progress of the application. Web based system of AVS provides tracking of the application with five status messages and end to end encryption ensures the security of the documents submitted.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We have a two prong back-up and disaster recovery approach- First, we maintain an onsite, automated, daily backup of the database files. Second, we utilize an offsite back-up and storage system that performs a nightly transfer of the daily backup of the data to a secure offsite location for disaster recovery purposes. We perform data back-ups based upon system volume and the backups range from one to four times a day. All the back-up drives are stored offsite.


We utilize industry best practices for securing client information transmitted over the Internet. Online SSL 256-bit encryption secures all client information transmitted between our servers and customers. Physical access to the systems is observed and confined to only authorized individuals. As a major aspect of our overall security controls, we physically limit access to our own system to just those clients who are authorized. The framework is set to time out at regular intervals to avoid unapproved review.

Best Customer Service

We provide a quick Turnaround Time on most requests. You will get a dedicated account manager for all the work-related requirements. Our reports are clear and easy-to-read. We send regular email alerts for completed checks.