Background checking and Verifications

Background checks have become an essential component of the business process to mitigate risk in virtually every industry. Until a few years ago, organizations were relying mostly on the information provided by the other party, be it job applicants, vendors, customers or the like. With cases of fraud coming to the fore with ever increasing regularity, it has become necessary for organizations to seek for and obtain unbiased information or opinion from an external professional organization, before getting into any sort of formal engagement with an hitherto unknown entity, be it an individual or an organization.

Employment Check

Employment check is a process to validate an applicant's previous employment details including length of employment, position, and rehire eligibility. Frequently, information supplied by job applicant is either false or inflated. Having false information, one can make an incorrect decision for the applicant's position or salary.  

Education Check

  Education check is an easy and cost effective way to determine the validity and accuracy of an applicant's educational history. Education check includes the degree received, dates of attendance, graduation date, and any special recognition or awards. Frequently, information supplied by the applicant is either false or inflated. Education check provides the person or organization to take right decisions on the applicant’s eligibility in joining their business.  

Reference Check

  Reference check for a sensitive or confidential position, often a reference check is the best way to determine what an applicant is really like. If the job you are seeking to fill is sensitive or confidential in nature, a personal reference check helps to ensure the employment references are valid in today's high-risk competitive marketplace. For middle and upper level management, this search is vital in determining the true character of an applicant.   More and more companies are now checking job references, along with other background checks, using AVS.

Credentials Check

When the credentials of the individuals are highly dependent on your business, it is mandatory that you need to verify the certificates and credentials to be accurate. Whether your business is involved in technological services to a Multi-National or public services like hospitals or civil contracts, the credentials of the individual and current competency are what make your relationship strong with your customers. Hiring a new resource is a major investment in both your business and the individual's future.

Address Check

Address checks are very important during your business process. Problems arising from incorrect or missing address information are usually not obvious at first. You might encounter a surprise when the address does not exist or addressee never lived there or when your correspondence about the notice is undeliverable and returned.  

Identity Check

Identity check is a process to find out if they are who they say they are. Negligent hiring may lead to a lawsuit or corporate culture breach. The most common scam, called "identity theft", occurs when the profile applies with another person's name and address. The false identity misuses the resources under the true identity's name.  

Criminal Check

Criminal check is a process to reveal any past convictions or criminal activities by the applicant. A search of government records is conducted at the appropriate level. Jurisdictions searched are determined by the applicant's address, nationality, government intelligence, or as designated by the client. These searches include those associated with the subject's current and previous addresses. Reported information includes the location, case number, date filed, charges, conviction date, and disposition. Criminal checks help exclude people with criminal records who would be a crime risk.